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Everyone gets bored of their furniture arrangement sooner or later and who has the time to rearrange their house every other weekend these days? Getting bored with current household designs is all too common. But do not fret, there is a method to spice up and refresh your house in an effortless manner. It’s time to get a little creative and introduce a vignette into your home! Pretend you’re an interior designer for the day. All it takes is a little resourcefulness and ingenuity and you’ll have your home looking new and exquisitely appealing in no time. A vignette is an incredibly cheap and easy decoration to add to your home that will give you that feeling of change you’ve been looking for.

First off, a clarification on what vignettes are would be quite helpful. There are several definitions to explain this versatile word, but in the terms of interior design and decorating it basically means creating arrangements or displays around your home. In other words, vignettes are basically little spaces that make you stop and appreciate a collection of items displayed in a pleasing manner. Placing vignettes in your home easily helps to create a more "homely" and "lived in" look and can also add some pizazz to mediocre nooks and crannies.

There are some guidelines that can be followed to get that ideal look when creating a vignette, but really it is just arranging items in a way that looks appealing to you. First, gather the items you wish to use. These can be items laying around the house, memorabilia, collector items, things you’ve stored away, or you can even go out and buy cute little knick knacks you think might set the right tone for your vignette. Next, choose whether you would like to keep your vignette symmetrical or asymmetrical. A symmetrical display would maintain similarity in size, shape, and relative position of corresponding parts; maintaining the same structure on one side as it does the other.

An asymmetrical vignette is defined as lacking symmetry; disproportioned. One side of the display would vary from the other. It would do well to stick to a theme when creating your vignette utilizing something that ties in all of the objects you’re using, as well as tying in the rest of the room. Don’t forget to look for items that vary in height, texture, and color! Variations in height add interest to the display and help draw the eye around it. A great way to add a splash of color to your vignette is to add fresh or artificial flowers, candles or colored photo frames.  Another key guideline that should be followed is to keep the items you’re using grouped in odd numbers. Assemblages in bunches of three's or five's of similar sizes, shape, texture or color will create maximum impact in your display. Displaying pieces in odd numbers creates a stronger visual impact.

Really, there is no right or wrong technique when it comes to designing your vignette. All you have to do is get creative! Construct something that you find appealing and looks pleasant in your home. You could even gather all your friends together and make an event of it. Creating a vignette is a simple, cheap and tasteful way to renovate your home. It will give it the “new” look you’ve been hoping for!


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