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The Art of Decoupage

First off, how many people actually know what decoupage is? I’m willing to bet most people just assume that it is yet another craft with a fancy name and look no further. I am here to inform you of what decoupage is, and give you step by steps instructions as to how to go about doing it.

The exact definition of decoupage is “the art or technique of decorating something with cut-outs of paper, plastic, linoleum, or other flat material over which varnish lacquer is applied.” In simple terms what you are doing is gluing pictures to a hard surface and applying another finishing coat of glue over the top. This craft is quite easy and produces cute, little objects to keep around the house. For example, paper weights, pots for your plants, picture frames, table-wear such as plates and cups, really the possibilities are endless! These objects also make great gifts! In reality it’s the perfect gift, easy to do, homemade, very pretty, and a lot of thought and a little work went it to. You do however have to be careful with your decoupaged items afterward. For example, if you decoupage plates and cups, you have to remember not to put them in the microwave, dishwasher, or even soak them. Doing this could remove the decoupage you worked so hard on.

If you just follow these few simple steps, you will be on your way to becoming a decoupage master yourself:

  1. First, you need to acquire all of your materials. These include, whatever it is you want to decoupage; what you want to decoupage with, such as pieces of paper or pictures and some type of glue. Most often people use decoupage medium. This is an all in one sealer; it dries clear and holds very tight. Mod Podge is an inexpensive, commonly used decoupage medium. (It is often a good idea to have a popsicle stick or something similar to brush the pictures down with.)

  2. Start by making sure the object you want to decoupage is completely dry before you begin.

  3. Make sure the pictures you plan on using are cut out to your liking.

  4. Arrange the pictures on the item you are decorating in the placement you want them before you begin using the glue. Your pictures can overlap as well, similar to a collage. This step hopefully prevents any errors that could occur while you paste all of your pictures down.

  5. Going section by section, remove the pictures, and apply glue to them. This can be done by putting the glue on the back of the picture or applying it directly on the item you are decorating.

  6. Continue doing this until all of the pictures are glued on.

  7. Once the pictures have been applied and dry you can now apply your finishing coat of glue.

  8. Keep adding additional coats of the medium over the top to your liking or until all of the edges of the pictures are smooth.

  9. Once your project has dried completely it will be ready to use, display, or be given away as a gift.

By following these simple techniques, you will be well on your way to creating decorative household knickknacks and personalized gifts for friends and family alike. This cost effective art is rudimentary in theory but provides a joyful satisfaction for all who pursue it. Pick up some cheap materials and give it a shot for yourself, you might be surprised how people rave about your newfound talents!




Looking for a Decoupaged Gift but dont have the time? We can customize items just for you or that special someone. No time to Decoupage? No problem just call us with your detials.



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Decoupage Chest

decoupage chest

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